That Th!nk partnership announcement? Nothing to report

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ABG reader Phil recently contacted us regarding a post we wrote a month ago about a possible announcement from Th!nk on working with a "major automaker" to bring electric cars to market. The announcement never came - although we did hear about the Th!nk Ox and GE's big investment in the company - and Phil was curious about what had happened. We contacted Th!nk and heard from Don Cochrane, Th!nk UK's sales and marketing director. He told us that, "Nothing is about to be announced as far as TH!NK working with another OEM though the TH!NK Ox would require partnership for us to bring it to market," so don't look for anything soon. If the Ox is ever going to be reality, though, someone is going to have to step up. Cochrane did say that, "There will be announcements coming up which I hope will help catalyze our position in the market," so EV fans can keep their fingers crossed these will be a big boost for the Norwegian company.

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