Geneva '08: Th!nk announces the Ox, a new 5-seat electric car

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Th!nk, the Norwegian purveyor of electric cars that used to be owned be owned by Ford, has used the occassion of the Geneva Motor Show to show off their new vehicle platform concept. The Ox is a five-seat monocab design that has a space frame structure that can be used for a variety of different body styles. Besides the four-door body Th!nk is also showing a two-door coupe body. The space frame provides the crash structure and mounting locations for battery packs in the floor. The system is designed to be adaptable to different regions and applications so it can be equipped with either sodium batteries or lithium ion.

The 60kW electric motor should be able to accelerate the 3,300lb Ox to 62mph in about 8.5 seconds. Th!nk is claiming that with lithium batteries the Ox will have a range of about 120miles on the US06 driving cycle. The US06 is the new, more aggressive schedule that was added to the EPA fuel efficiency testing routine for 2008. If the Ox can actually achieve that range on US06 it should do at least as well in the real world (see our interview with GM's Pete Savagian for more discussion on driving test cycles including US06). So far we don't have any information from Th!nk on when we will actually see the Ox or something similar on the road or how much it will cost. Th!nk's press conference is tomorrow so we may get an update then.

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[Source: Th!nk, thanks to Sindre and Kristoffer for the tips]

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