Baubles: Windup Key sickeningly cute

The March Men's Vogue recently asked if the Smart fortwo is manly enough, and while we're not exactly lining up to buy one, we also wouldn't rip a friend (too much) for picking up the fuel-sipping two-seater. If our pal's fortwo had a Windup Key, however, all bets are off, and a Charley Horse or three may be in order. The Windup Key is a 22-by-10 inch faux windup key made of powder-coated 6061 aluminum, and it can be customized with different shapes, colors or even chrome coating. If you really want to attract stamp collectors, Star Trek fans and adults with authentic Lord of the Rings costumes, opt for the 12v motor, which makes the Windup Key actually spin when the vehicle is in motion.
The Windup Key is also compatible with the Scion xB, PT Cruiser, New Beetle (shown), and MINI Cooper, among other cute-mobiles, and prices start around $100. Amazingly, the Windup Key is currently on back-order, which means there is actually demand for these ridiculous little gadgets. The sad thing is that while Virginia wants to ban Truck Nuts, the testosterone-free Windup Key will likely be accepted with open arms.

[Source: Windup Key via Smartcarofamerica]

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