Virginia trying to ban Truck Nuts

We've all seen them, those, ahem, rubber naughty bits that hang from trailer hitches. They're tasteless, crude and the absolute funniest thing you've ever seen while driving. According to Virginia State Delegate Lionel Spruill, they may also be dangerous. Though sold under many names, Truck Nuts is what we know them as, and some are claiming they cause potentially dangerous distractions on the road. (We've blurred the above image of Truck Nuts so you don't get distracted and bang your head on the keyboard while web surfing.) We've also heard the argument that they create long, awkward moments between parents and children when little Susie asks, "What's that, Daddy?" Soon they'll be causing long, awkward moments among Viriginia's lawmakers when Spruill submits a bill to ban Truck Nuts in Virginia. The state of Maryland also tried to ban the balls around this time last year, although we never found out if lawmakers there were successful. If any Marylanders out there know, let us know in the comments.

We're of the mind that Truck Nuts cause as much of a distraction to motorists as their own cell phones and steaming cups of Vente coffee do. To target this novelty item because it may offend would open the door to banning all sorts of auto accessories, particularly any bumper sticker that rubs somebody the wrong way. And as for what to say to your kids who they notice the Dodge Ram up ahead going commando, just make something up like that's where you refill the truck's blinker fluid when it gets low. They're kids, what do they know?

[Source: WCAV via Jalopnik]

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