Edmunds asks: How much car do you really need?

How much car do you really need?

In a posting comparing the GMC Yukon Denali with the GMC Acadia, Karl Brauer says, "The emphasis on 'really' comes from a phenomenon I think we're all aware of -- perceived versus actual vehicle needs." Brauer goes on to suggest making a self-examination of sorts to find out if you truly require the added capability of a larger, more powerful SUV over something a bit more rational, like one of the "crossover" vehicles flooding the market these days. In fact, Brauer suggests that a typical sedan or wagon would likely work fine for 95 percent of most people's daily needs and the money saved when purchasing this type of vehicle would allow the purchaser freedom to rent the larger vehicle they may need the other 5 percent or so of the time. Most of us probably realize that Brauer is right... the question, then, is do we care?

[Source: Edmunds]

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