Australia's pioneer carbon capture project

EESTech Inc., a company based in Brisbane, Australia, owns the Asia-Pacific rights to a system called the Purenergy CO 2 Capture System (CCS). This is supposed to be the world's first pre-engineered, modular CO 2 capture system that can be retrofitted onto existing power plants or any large industrial greenhouse gas emitter.

The CCS is going to be installed in EESTech's Hybrid Coal Gas Turbine (HCGT) system which produces electricity using waste coal dust, and fugitive vented methane. This allows coal facilities to utilize these byproducts from coal mines to efficiently generate the necessary steam and electricity for the CO 2 capture process. The whole process is claimed to reduce the cost of carbon capture by 40 percent.

Graeme Lynch, Chief Operating Officer of EESTech Inc., believes that the carbon capture technology will position EESTech Inc as a leader in the industry. "Solutions like the Purenergy CCS, when installed in scale on one 750 megawatt power plant, will capture the carbon dioxide equivalent of two million cars and trucks," Mr. Lynch added.

[Source. EESTech]

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