Scientists unveil artificial CO2-capturing foam

A group of American scientists have unveiled a new type of foam-like substance which they claim captures CO2 up to 83 times its volume. The best part is that this foam is able to work at high temperature and pressure conditions, which makes it suitable for use in vehicles and power plants.

The new crystal-like pores that form the foam, named ZIFs, have been obtained with metal atoms such as cobalt or zinc and are linked to organic molecules. Since ZIFs may have different types of links, they can capture more CO2 than any other equivalent substance.

The idea is using this foam on tailpipes or chimneys, where they would capture CO2 that results from combustion. This foam could be treated afterwards in a low-pressure chamber where CO2 would be removed and then sequestered. This group of scientist is also optimistic that a large amount of this foam can be created in the next two to three years.

[Source: Science via El Mundo]

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