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EV charging guide | What to know when buying an electric car

There are lots of new terms and specs to know. Here's what it all means

Plug wars: the battle for EV charging supremacy

Tesla, Japanese and Germans use different protocols and are fighting for advantage

They're all fighting for a competitive advantage.

Panel: Evolved design for an autonomous age | UPSHIFT 2016

Autonomy opens a world of opportunity to car designers. Join our panel of designers and thought leaders as we explore how driverless cars will activate a design revolution. This panel includes, Mark Prommel, Melissa Cefkin, Paul Snyder, and Brett Berk.

Designing Tomorrow's Vehicles At CCS Detroit | Translogic 207

The College for Creative Studies churns out some of the best car designers in the world

Want to design the cars of the future? CCS is the place to be.

CHAdeMO working on fast-charging standard for 200-mile EVs

New charging-station standards will allow for a 150-kW power transfer.

The Japanese-backed charging-protocol group CHAdeMO readies its fast chargers for longer-range electric vehicles.

Volvo wants global, standardized charging infrastructure

Volvo makes its plea as it prepares to introduce more plug-in vehicles.

Swedish automaker Volvo says there should be a single charging system worldwide, and that it should be CCS.

CHAdeMO, SAE Combo chargers acting all friendly like in Europe

CHAdeMO Association Europe installing 500+ multi-standard DC chargers in 2016

Five projects will add more than 500 new CHAdeMO/CCS Combo fast chargers, making transcontinental EV travel easier.

Video: AOL Autos Teams With College For Creative Studies In Detroit

Students designing Technology Of The Year Award trophy

AOL Autos is gearing up to give out the inaugural automotive Technology of the Year award next year to the most innovative development in the industry that helps vehicles be more communicative from the road.

Australia's pioneer carbon capture project

EESTech Inc., a company based in Brisbane, Australia, owns the Asia-Pacific rights to a system called the Purenergy CO2 Capture System (CCS). This is supposed to be the world's first pre-engineered, modular CO2 capture system that can be retrofitted onto existing power plants or any large industrial greenhouse gas emitter.

Volkswagen betting each way on powertrain technologies

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