Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution X features a few unusual efficiency improvements

Mitsubishi announced ten "design details" of the Lancer Evolution X today. Most of them are somewhat blusterous PR hype (read about Mitsubishi's ETACs in the press release after the jump for a good example), but I thought I'd highlight the three that are focused on efficiency:
  • The Evolution X is missing a reverse gear. Through an unusual combination of first and third gears with an idler gear on a separate shaft, the transmission is able to reverse motion without the need for a full reverse gear.
  • The windows are made of "energy saving glass," which is able to reduce solar heat transmission by between two-thirds and 100 percent. A cooler cab means less energy needed to keep the AC pumping in the summer months.
  • There are also tiny spoilers in the wheel houses for improved aerodynamics.
So, while the Lancer Evolution X isn't a green car in the usual sense (the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4 cyl, 2 L, Automatic gets 17/22 city/highway according to the official ratings), at least there are a few nods to making the ride a little less mean.

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[Source: Mitsubishi]


* Lights that look around corners, energy saving glass, no reverse gear and micro spoilers in the wheel arches – just a few of the top ten lesser-known details that make the Lancer Evolution X the most technologically advanced Evo in history.

It is well known that the all-new Lancer Evolution X is a supercar slayer packed with cutting-edge technology and enough acronyms to match, such as Super – Active Yaw Control (S-AYC), Active Centre Differential (ACD), and the phenomenal Twin Clutch Sports Shift Transmission (SST).

But every detail of this car has been designed with a purpose, and here are ten facts about the Lancer Evolution X that prove the designers have thought of everything to make this the best Evolution yet:

* No Reverse Gear –To save weight, the 5-speed manual transmission has no dedicated reverse gear. Instead, it uses an arrangement in which first and third gears engage with an idler gear on a separate shaft to reverse the direction of rotation.
* Spoilers In The Wheel Arch - The wheel houses have a miniscule spoiler lip around the curve of the wheel to prevent the wind from swirling in the wheel housing thus improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle.
* Energy Saving Glass - Solar control glass uses an infrared absorbing material in its intermediate layer to reduce transmission of solar heat by 66-100%. The glass also cuts out transmission of ultra-violet light but transmits all visible light to keep the interior airy and light.
* Stainless Steel Manifold - The exhaust system uses a stainless steel manifold, which is smoother than other alternatives to maximise airflow. An Inconel turbocharger is located downstream and optimisation of the compressor wheel has improved response by 18% over the Lancer Evolution IX.
* Your Car, The Way You Want It - Mitsubishi's ETACs (Electronic Total Automobile Control) system allows you to personalise the set up of your car, just the way you want it. You can decide how long the interior light stays on after door closure, if at all. You decide when the wing mirrors fold in and out – at the tough of a button, or automatically when the door is closed and ignition switched on or off. You choose.
* Acoustic Engineering – The latest in lightweight acoustic and vibration dampening materials, including foam filling for the pillars, have been strategically placed throughout the body of the Lancer Evolution X. This ensures noise and vibration performance that befits a new generation high performance saloon, while minimising any weight increase.
* Lights That Look Around Corners – The Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) uses high intensity discharge (HID) headlights increase the driver's field of vision to make night driving safer. The clever bit is that the car detects when the driver turns the steering wheel and automatically switches on an additional beam to light up the oncoming corner.
* External Vents Improve Breathing – Two bonnet vents release engine heat, as with previous Evolutions, but a new feature is the central air intake to help the engine breath and increase power output. New vents have also been added behind the front wheel to let engine heat escape more efficiently.
* F1 Floating Piston Technology - The all-new aluminium engine is not only 12KG lighter than the previous 2.0 straight four unit, but also uses full floating pistons made by Mahle, renowned for use in F1 cars. Made of a very hard and strong alloy the pistons are able to handle the higher power produced by this road-ready performance car.
* Mitsubishi Service Plan - The Lancer Evolution X is the first Evolution to ever be made available with the Mitsubishi Service Plan - for just £400. This covers the vehicle's first three scheduled services and a once-only 1,000 mile oil change.

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