Smokin'! Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI powered by CNG wins rally

So, not only natural gas being used in an attempt to break the land speed record, it's also being used in a winning rally car. The OMV CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Rally Team won the Ostarrichi Rally a few days ago.
The pilots, Beppo Harrach and Andreas Schindlbacher, drove a converted Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI running on CNG. They finished a solid 47.7 seconds ahead of the second-place vehicle. The win is believed to be the first for a CNG vehicle in an international rally championship event. The car averaged 104.8 km/h (65 mph) during the race.

These CNG Mitsubishis were entered the rally championship with a goal of finishing within the top ten, but they're exceeding expectations. This victory also secures the team a first place finish in the alternative fuel class division (IV) for the season.

[Source: RACC and NGV]

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