TV ad for Chevy Volt: environmentalists, let dogs lick you instead of bathing

Ladies and gentleman, GM has a competitor for the worst ad is the history of ads (I've embedded it below the fold). First, some background, the video background in the ad is apparently taken from a web video someone took of a dog licking a bare foot (also below the fold). You think that would be bad enough but it just gets worse. The following text appears over the dog's actions:

If you care about the environment, you could save water and let your dog give you a bath. Chevy cares about the environment. That's why we're working on an extended range electric car expected to go up to 40 miles without a drop of gas. The Chevy Volt concept.

Okay, I think I can almost see what they were trying to achieve. The ad recently aired on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, which is aimed at a young, hip, ironic, etc. demographic. But this is probably a text book example of how not to sell a car. There were criticisms that GM's advertising for the EV1 was designed to prevent sales. Is GM doing the same thing for the Volt? Or is GM just horrible at advertising? The ad has been airing since November.

[Source: Chevy, tipster Roger]

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