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Watch these workers ghost-ride the garbage truck with purpose

There's an old phrase that suggests we "work smarter, not harder." This garbage truck driver must have read that as "work like a monumental idiot, not harder." The sanitation worker in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico basically ghost-rides his garbage truck while running to grab bags that have been left on the curb.

Bus Driver May Be Fined Under Stupidity Law

He drove directly into a flood, stranding 33 people

Why isn't being stupid against the law everywhere? A tour bus driver may be fined under Arizona's 'Stupid Motorist Law' after he drove directly into a flash flood, stranding him and his 33 passengers.

Video: Moto Merry-Go-Round yields both disaster and hilarity

Motorcycle-powered merry-go-round – click above to watch the video after the jump

TV ad for Chevy Volt: environmentalists, let dogs lick you instead of bathing

Ladies and gentleman, GM has a competitor for the worst ad is the history of ads (I've embedded it below the fold). First, some background, the video background in the ad is apparently taken from a web video someone took of a dog licking a bare foot (also below the fold). You think that would be bad enough but it just gets worse. The following text appears over the dog's actions:

SCM counts down Top 10 eBay Motors auctions that shouldn't have happened

You see it all the time on eBay; resolute bidders refusing to pull out, even though they've driven the price up far beyond reason. Harder to find these days are the mythical screaming deals of yesteryear - things that go stupid-cheap to a shrewd buyer with an evil chuckle. Sports Car Market has been watching the wackiness as well, and they've put together a nifty slideshow of wallet tragedies and sales that equate to theft. Even still, in their list, there are more examples of fools and their m