Audi says it will define the "new luxury"

According to Audi, well, all that "ye olde worlde traditional luxury" stuff is great, but it's not the new hotness. Scott Keogh, marketing head for Audi of America, says that the key now is to combine the values of old European luxury -- high quality and traditional prestige -- with new, West Coast luxury values of "a more casual attitude, a sense of Zen and spirit and those types of things."

Audi aims to define that trend, though it doesn't say exactly how. Audi's upcoming Godfather-themed Super Bowl commercial is meant to exemplify the idea, as the movie is about a shift in power from the old to the new. Audi wants to assert itself, but it doesn't yet have the same perceived prestige of its German foes, a lot of which has to do with the fact that understatement is still the guiding principle in its car design. Audi makes some terrific cars, but it simply won't get big volume from the lifestyle crowd with handicaps like that. And as to how exactly Audi plans to incorporate "new-age" and "Zen and spirit" into its car design -- could yoga mats replace floor mats in the A5 Sportback?

[Source: Auto News]

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