AutoblogGreen Exclusive: iZap Flying Xebra at Macworld

While Steve I-forget-his-last name of Apple something-or-other might be getting headlines on other blogs, we have the real star of Macworld SF 2008: The iZap Flying Xebra! As promised, Zap, the electric car company, showed off the "Made for iPod" and "works with iPhone" features coming to its cars. As you can see in our exclusive photos from Macworld of the iZap Flying Xebra, Zap was hard at work in their secret labs. Here are the "future specs" for the iZap Flying Xebra:
  • ZapTurbo Power Thruster: Warp Speed 10
  • Top Speed before Hyperspace: 89 MPH
  • Electrical Power needed: 1.20 Jigawatts
  • Elevation: 30,000 ft LIFT
  • Optional Power: Flex Capacitor
  • Visual Capacity: Doppler Navigation System,GPS Receiver, DVD Screen
Zap is also showing off their charger for portable electronics at Macworld. Zap is one of my favorite electric car companies and they currently offer a nice range of low speed electric vehicles. While the iZap Flying Xebra will probably never go into production (the professor destroys it after finding love in the old west), Zap does have real plans to offer a highway speed, affordable electric car, called Zap-X.

Big thanks to Alex from Zap for the pictures from the show floor. If you are close to the Moscone Center in San Francisco stop by Macworld and Zap's booth #545, 546 before it all ends January 18th.

[Source: Alex from Zap]

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