Israel Corp, China's Chery working on $225m deal

Israel is the quiet dark horse of the new global electric car market. Maybe.
Following hopeful EV announcements late last year from Project Better Place and Israel Corp (both tied to Shai Agassi), AME Info reported recently that Israel Corp. will work with Chinese automaker Chery on a $225m deal (45 percent stake to Israel Corp, 55 percent likely to Chery). The question is whether or not this deal involves EVs. All the sources I can find just say that Chery will build cars in Israel. At the very least, I'd guess these cars will be eco-mindful. Details we'll have to wait on, but AME puts it this way: "news of the deal was announced shortly after reports of an ambitious plan to put 10,000 electric cars on Israeli roads by 2010." Interesting, no?

[Source: AME Info]

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