Shai Agassi: Israel will have 100,000 electric cars in 2 years

Update: The Globes article has been removed and Shai has posted an entry to his blog denying this rumor.

Globes is reporting that Shai Agassi, Project Better Place CEO, said Israel will have 100,000 electric cars by 2010. Shai said this at an annual Ministry of Finance budget department meeting speech where he talked about the benefits of electric cars like improved quality of life. Here is Agassi on realizing the potential of electric cars:

If we wait for an unknown science at some university, we might miss the date. ... We must create fourth-generation high-tech. we need to create a new foundation that will give us an advantage and that will last for 15 years. We cannot compete against India in size or demography.

Previously, Shai has said that Better Place's goal is to get 100,000 cars on the road in 2010 but he has never given specifics like location before.

[Source: Globes and tipster Zohar]

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