BREAKING: $200 M electric car company, Project Better Place, launch video 10 AM Est

Update: The webcast is delayed until after 1 PM Est.

We told you about Ex-SAP head Shai Agassi getting a $200 M investment to create an electric car company in August. Now, that electric car comany has a name , Project Better Place, and it launches in a matter of hours with a video presentation at the company's website.

We will, of course, have much more on this new electric car company but while you wait, there are articles from Businessweek and the New York Times already about the new company. It seems that "several" electric cars will have a leasing model, batteries can be swapped out at stations, and pilot projects will start "early" next year with mass deployments in 2010.

The Case for the Electric Car
Shai Agassi, CEO and Founder
Project Better Place Launch
Monday, October 29, 2007 10:00 AM ET

[Source: Project Better Place]

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