Recently, we told you about Project Good Place rumors that included Israel considering tax cuts for electric cars. We now have confirmation from Haaretz, that the "Finance Ministry is considering making electric vehicles completely tax free" or at least lowering certain taxes on electric cars like annual fees. Currently, there is a 84 percent purchase tax (changing to 79 percent in January) for gas cars; eco-friendly cars like hybrids are taxed 30 percent.

The cabinet will also create a study group to look into ways of speeding up electric car adoption and places to put the estimated 500,000 charging points. All of this is to back Project Better Place but I don't see how this won't open up Israel as a major market for other electric car companies. In the video above, President Peres says Israel is a transportation island and "can be the first country to replace its fleet of vehicles, instead of having it powered by fuel, have it powered by electricity."

The Haaretz article also confirms "Renault has already expressed an interest." More news to come, I'm sure.

[Source: Haaretz, YouTube]

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