Honda's Rose Parade float a transformer

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And you thought you were going to have to wait until next summer for the Transformers sequel. Well, thanks to Honda, you only have to wait until the Rose Bowl Parade to see shape-shifting-mechanical-flying things. Honda, long a sponsor of the parade, will be entering a float called "Passport to the Future." The trick: it turns from float into flying machine.

A huge, flower-covered Honda Ridgeline-type truck will sit atop a bed of multi-colored flowers. At the appointed time, the engine bay will turn into a cockpit, the sides will become wings, jet engines will emerge from the bed, and it will tuck its wheels and take flight in a cloud of steam. At the wheel will be a replica of Honda's personal robot, ASIMO.

Steve Morikawa, assistant VP of American Honda, said the company "is committed to creating products that give people mobility -- on both two and four wheels, and soon, in the skies. This year's float takes a fun and imaginative look at what the future of mobility might hold." If that means robots flying floral Ridgelines, it's going to be an exciting future indeed.

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