Pontiac G8 production now underway

Since the G8 was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, there has been an air of optimism for the Pontiac brand. There's good reason for the uptick in serotonin, too, as the G8 is a real live RWD sedan from the General. It doesn't hurt that its 6.0L V8 can kick out 362 HP and hit 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. It may seem as though the G8 unveiling was a million years ago, but production has finally begun for the Holden Commodore-based sedan. The G8 and the Commodore will be built in the same Australian plant, with the facility running at full steam to a tune of 620 units per day. About half of that number will make its way outside of OZ, split between Chevrolet (Middle East), Vauxhall (UK), Daewoo (Korea), and Pontiac. That probably doesn't make room for more than 50,000 G8s a year here in the States, and in the unlikely event the sports sedan isn't a hit, GM can shift sales anywhere else in the world. The G8 will hit dealer showrooms sometime in the 1st quarter of 2008, and we're eagerly anticipating taking a spin in the most exciting Pontiac in a generation.

[Source: Just-Auto (sub. req'd)]

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