Carbon Catalog update, now it's twice as good

The Carbon Catalog website opened up back in September and since then has gotten about twice as informative, doubling the amount of data available on carbon offset organizations. The idea behind the Catalog is to provide a non-partisan, one-stop, ad-free resource for information on carbon offset projects and providers. As founder Gideon Greenspan recently wrote in to AutoblogGreen, "With little in the way of regulation and big discrepancies in pricing, carbon offsetting has met with a shaky start. We are hoping to help change that."

The Carbon Catalog now lists over 60 carbon offset providers and almost 200 carbon reduction projects from around the world. A lot of automakers (VW, Land Rover, and car rental agencies, for example) use carbon offsets to increase their green effect, and it doesn't hurt to keep Carbon Catalog in your bookmarks to see how the offset programs the automakers use rank.

Carbon Catalog contributors recently started up their own blog and not too long ago Greenspan was interviewed on Treehugger.

[Source: Carbon Catalog / Gideon Greenspan]

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