Buy a Volkswagen BlueMotion and get that tree planted

You may know what they say: during our lifespan we all should write a book, have a child and plant a tree. Well, the latter is easy: if you purchase a Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion in Spain, the German marque will plant 17 trees for you. This is a similar initiative to one offered by Volkswagen in the US.

The agreement was made with two companies called Maderas Nobles de la Sierra de Segura and the Fundación + Árboles and belongs to a project unveiled in Barcelona on June 23rd that hopes to plant 100 million trees in the Iberian Peninsula. Maderas Nobles will keep these trees maintained for at least 40 years with techniques of ecological silviculture and car owners will earn certificates assessing the number of planted trees in their name, how much CO2 the trees offset and the activities that Volkswagen will offset with those saved CO2.

[Source: Agroinformacion]

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