Daimler's CEO Dieter Zetsche said that the proposed CO2 emission limits for 2012 (120 g/km) are "unattainable". He also stated that politicians don't realise how difficult that limit will be to reach because the cars that will be on sale in 2012 are " actually at the end of their development cycle and can't be substantially changed. In order to achieve that limit, it should have been set up before, but that's something politicians don't want to listen to".

Despite these words, he said that Daimler AG is actually committed to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions, although he sees hydrogen as the sole real future option for pollution-free motoring. Remarkably, he also stated that with just one percent of the world's hydrogen production, one million fuel-cell vehicles could be powered per year. He also announced that the company is working on Li-Ion batteries, although he believes that "buyers don't really want electric cars" (he should read AutoblogGreen readers' comments to change his mind).

Zetsche also spoke about Daimler's expectations for the U.S. sales of the Smart (which could lead to profits at Smart for the first time in 10 years), a new CUV based on the C-Class and new more compact supercharged powertrains to reduce fuel consumption.

[Source: El Mundo Motor]

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