Fiat CEO: take your hybrids elsewhere

Fiat has been having a good year, with solid sales (thanks to the Fiat 500, pictured) and low CO2 emissions in Europe. According to this story in Automotive News Europe (subs req'd), Fiat Group Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne is going to keep working on those two green issues without turning to hybrid technology. In an interview with ANE's Luca Ciferri, Marchionne said flat out that "I reaffirm that Fiat will be the carmaker with the lowest average emissions in 2012 and that we do not need hybrids to get there." Not a lot of hedging there, even though Marchionne did say he preferred the 135g/km by 2015 goal for the EU CO2 emissions legislation (instead of 130g/km by 2012 or 125g/km by 2015). This is the ACEA position. In 2006, Fiat's fleet averaged 139g/km .

Ciferri asked Marchionne a long list of questions, ranging from the Jaguar/Land Rover deal to the new Panda minicar, which will be "much smaller than the 500" and is due in late 2009. Marchionne called this car "a true beauty."
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[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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