More on the Altairnano powered Fiat Doblo in Norway

Last week we told you about a Fiat Doblo that Micro-Vett had converted to electric drive and equipped with Altairnano batteries. That car is currently undergoing a two-month test in Oslo, Norway prior to hopefully going on sale in 2008. The wording of the original press release raised some questions about the range of the vehicle. It stated that on October 2, the Doblo had run 186 miles and been quick-charged three times. It wasn't clear if it went 186 miles between charges or had to be charged three times to go that distance. Altairnano confirmed that it was the latter. When equipped an 18kWh battery pack, the Doblo has a range of about 50-60 miles per charge. After starting the the day with a full charge the car was quick-charged three times before completing the run for the day. In total the car has been quick-charged fifty times and has accumulated about 2,500 miles since July of this year. Keep in mind that quick charging requires special high power (480V/1000+ Amp) charging systems that would have have to be installed at charging stations. This is not something people will be doing at home.

[Source: Altairnano]

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