How commuting by bicycle can reduce your car insurance

Adam Stern, writing over at TerraPass, has been describing his trials and tribulations as he shifts to being a more regular bicycle commuter. The other day, he wrote how his increased pedal miles have reduced his insurance dollars. Obviously, his story isn't completely transferable to everyone, but if you get your car insurance from GEICO and like to bike, have hope.

Stern is driving about 3,000 fewer miles a year (which, I assume, translates to 3,000 more biking miles, which is awesome). This change, plus a reduction in break-in or theft risk from no longer parking by the BART station, has saved him $186. Overall, Stern estimates he's saving almost $1,000 a year by spending more time on his bike. Click over for the details.

[Source: TerraPass]

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