Bikes: safer than cars, not as safe as flying

We've all heard that flying is safer than driving, right? That doesn't mean people aren't afraid to fly, but on a purely statistical level, people who are should be more frightened about getting into a passenger car. But what about biking? A 1993 study has been revived by Grist (and I caught wind of it on Treehugger) that shows that biking fits between flying and passenger cars in terms of fatalities per million hours activity. You can see the entire list at either of the two links above, but for our purposes, we'll note the following:

On-road motorcycling 8.8
Living (all causes of death) 1.5
Passenger cars 0.5
Bicycling 0.3
Flying (scheduled domestic airlines) 0.2

The reason Grist uses these numbers is that, while outdated, they're apparently the only ones that can be found in a peer-reviewed journal. I'm sure bike clubs around the world would like to have more recent statistics, but for now we'll settle for authenticity over currency. I highly recommend the Grist article, as it gets into all sorts of reasons why biking is so good for us and the planet, and it points out that the U.S. still has a long way to go to make biking safer.

[Source: Grist, Treehugger]

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