EVS23: Enerdel's "end-to-end" lithium solution for hybrids

One of the announcements from EVS23 was from Ener1, the company behind the EnerDel lithium power systems. On the showroom floor, Ener1 was displaying a Prius they have converted with the EnerDel battery packs, a move that even attracted positve comments from Toyota representatives. I stopped by and spoke with Charles Gassenheimer, the chairman of Ener1 Inc., and he told me about how Ener1 is the only company at EVS23 that has the "end-to-end solution" for lithium-powered cars. That is, they can do the cell and chemistry design, the battery design and system integration.

You can hear what Charles has to say here (9 min, 6 MB). When you listen, you'll hear him mention the small size of the battery pack. This is what he's talking about. There is more information on some of the topics he mentions in these posts:
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