Everything you ever wanted to know about Ener1's batteries

If you were planning on breaking into Ener1 headquarters to steal secret papers about their super batteries, put away the ninja outfit. Ener1 is a public company, and slides they plan to use in investor presentations October and November, were filed with the SEC today and will be available at the company website. All the slides say "confidential" at the end because it has amazing information from their battery's chemistry to internal company milestones.

For example, Ener1 will show a demonstration car (Prius?) in December and they will deliver prototype battery packs to Th!nk (they just signed a deal) in March 2008. The SEC file even has pictures of a safety test, details of the inner workings of the battery; everything anyone would need to steal ... I mean see to confirm Ener1's extraordinary claims on their battery cost and capacity. Any chemists reading this?

[Source: Ener1, SEC]

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