Interview with Aptera CEO

AutoblogGreen has had our share of stories on Aptera and the company's upcoming 300 mph space-like vehicle. But we understand that more information is just a click away for everyone, and so we thought you'd like to know about an interview Gizmag posted with the Aptera Co-Founder & CEO, Steve Fambro (AutoblogGreen spoke with Fambro in October). ABG reader Sayyad pointed this out for us, and says it "is worth the read, and makes a lot more sense than Aptera's website." He's not kidding about the website. The last time I went to Aptera's site, I about poked my eyes out.

Anyway, there's a lot of interesting stuff in the interview. I like the way Fambro explains why he got excited to build his own high-mpg car company in the first place: it was when he saw SpaceShipOne.

I was amazed that twenty people in three years could develop a spacecraft, the aircraft to carry it up at altitude, test it and put it on the edge of space. If twenty people can do that then surely three or four people can build this car and take it to some form of completion ready for manufacture.

There's more at Gizmag.
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[Source: Gizmag, h/t to Sayyad]

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