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Aptera debuts new solar EV prototype called Gamma

The company is getting close to a production-ready prototype

Aptera returns with plans for 1,000-mile EV

Decade of manufacturing, tech and supply advancements should help its revival

Epic Torq EV sits unloved on eBay with $58,000 price tag

Perhaps the base price for the Epic Torq Roadster EV is a bit high. The eye-catching electric vehicle officially starts at $65,000, but a recent example was listed on eBay for the low, low price of $57,985. The car, located in Laguna Niguel, CA, has a clear title and just 108 miles on it. It also has a red/bl

Zaptera says Aptera USA will push on with gas, electric versions of three-wheel vehicle

The never-ending attempted flight of the Aptera three-wheel design continues. After years of struggles and a bankruptcy in 2011, the Aptera assets were revived last year by a Chinese company, Zap Jonway. Zaptera USA, which now own

Aptera to phoenix as Aptera USA, plans to deliver in 2013

Sometimes 1 + 1 ≠ 2. When the Aptera 2e was spotted at the Zap Jonway Beijing Motor Show display, assumptions were made (by us) that the composite-bodied craft was to be reborn as a product of that company. It will not. Oh, it will phoenix alright. And though the chassis will indeed be made by the Jonway Group in China, th

Zaptera! The Aptera 2e resurfaces in China as Zap Jonway product *UPDATE

You know that feeling you get when, after a few years, you remeet your biggest crush from high school and begin fantasizing about actually hooking up for real, only to be jerked back to harsh reality by the appearance of their present paramour? Well then, that is the emotional roller coaster we expect rabid fans of the Aptera 2e might be experiencing right about now.

Aptera's assets going to the auction block next week

One of the more unusual pieces of electric vehicle history may just be an Aptera foosball table. If you're interested in acquiring it, then head on over to the Heritage Global Partners website or to a location in Carlsbad, CA next week with your money ready.

What really happened on Aptera's last day: smiles, not destruction

Remember those Aptera-destroying videos that we thought were maybe filmed on the day the company closed up shop but then turned out to be months old? Here's some more context about them and information

Aptera employees smash vehicles after company closes? *UPDATE

Four videos have surfaced showing what is understood to be the destructive aftermath following news of Aptera's closure last week. Without knowing for certain what's happening, the videos appear to depict employees (or former employees) laughing as they trash prototype bodyshells of the three-wheeled, hyper-efficient vehicle.

Aptera pulls the plug

Just over a month ago, Aptera was promising rebirth with Aptera 2.0. The promise will not be kept. Today, the company announced it is closing its doors, effective immediately.

Keep watching, Aptera 2.0 is coming

There seems to be something a brewin' over at Aptera Motors.

How Aptera plays a role in the Solyndra political battle

One of the many, many contentious issues that make up the ongoing pointless battles between the Democrats and Republicans in Washington, D.C. is the Solyndra case, about how the now-bankrupt solar-power company got loan guarantees. Republicans say the Obama Administration pushed the loans through in a less-than-honest manner. The Administration and the DOE say everything was abovebo

Aptera refunding all deposits for its ultra efficient three-wheeler

There was good news and bad news out of the Aptera camp last month. The good: The company raised another $2.25 million. The bad: Reservations are now no longer being accepted.

Aptera refunding deposits

Aptera 2e – Click above for high-res image gallery

Electric motor maker Remy International files for $100M IPO

Last Friday, auto parts maker Remy International Inc. filed with U.S. regulators for an initial public offering valued at up to $100 million. The Indiana-based company is perhaps best known for its electric motors that provide propulsion for vehicles such as the Aperta 2e and AMP's converted Eric Loveday

Aptera: We need government money to bring vehicle to market

What's been happening at Aptera? The hyper-aerodynamic vehicle company is still moving forward, just not as fast as the original plans called for (remember when the car was supposed to be available in 2009 2010?). In the company's latest email newsletter, much space is dedicated to explaining where thing stand with

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