First Th!nk rolls off the line in Norway

Not sure if this qualifies as one of those "small step, giant leap" type of stories, but I do feel that yesterday marked an important milestone in the revived electric car market. That was the day when Norwegian electric car maker Th!nk's first EV minicar rolled off the production line in Norway. According to Automotive News Europe, these cars will soon undergo crash testing and Think Global CEO Jan-Olaf Willums said in a statement that, "This project is on time. We are building full production cars with all the right components from the right suppliers." Those suppliers include Autoliv, Continental and Robert Bosch.

Th!nk minicar sales will start in Norway sometime in the first half of 2008, with other European countries to follow. ANE says Th!nk wants to build between seven and ten thousand cars a year by 2009. For more on Th!nk, click on this link for posts in our new Th!nk category.

[Source: Douglas A. Bolduc / Automotive News Europe]

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