Could Norway ban all gasoline powered cars?

With all the talk about CAFE standards and gas taxes these days, many people wonder what a government could do to help bring the sale of gasoline powered cars down. How about a complete ban? Would that work? Sounds a little drastic, but Norway is considering doing just such a thing, and they are attempting to figure out if it's even legal for them to do so. It's important to note the difference that Norway sees between gasoline powered cars and biofuel cars. The source article implies that the cars would have two tanks, one for a biofuel like ethanol and one for gasoline. That's not at all necessary really, unless that is what the government would require. True flexible-fuel vehicles are capable of using any combination of gasoline and ethanol, so there only has to be a single tank. Norway also sells electric cars, with the Norwegian brand Th!nk making some headlines recently.

What do you think? Could Norway set a precedent in the banning of all cars powered exclusively by gasoline? Does it matter?

[Source: UPI via The Truth About Cars]

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