K.I.T.T. to trade Pontiac badge for a Mustang pony?

Photo from Jay Ohrberg's Hollywood Cars. Click for more photos of the car on that Web site.

So say our colleagues over at Jalopnik who quote their "validated connection" at an L.A. special effects house. Writing for the blog, Ray Wert nominates the Roush Blackjack Mustang for the role and even has photochopped one in full K.I.T.T. livery. But it wouldn't be the first time K.I.T.T. has appeared as a Mustang. In 1994, in a badly failed attempt to revive the Knight Rider series, Universal Television produced "Knight Rider 2010", in which K.I.T.T. is replaced by a Mad Max-styled Ford Mustang seen above. The car is now in Jay Ohrberg's collection of movie cars.

Reading Jalopnik's readers' comments is pretty funny, like the one from Papercutninja, "The Mustang is as technologically advanced as a Trans Am from the '80s." And this one from Seth, "It's like putting the A-Team in Mercedes Sprinter!" But the best might be from SRT8Six, "Maybe the pilot episode will have Michael driving KITT around just so he can figure out where that annoying rattling sound is coming from."

But we have to give props to one of our own readers, James F., who predicted way back in May, 2006 that the Mustang just might be cast in the movie's lead role. Congrats, Mr. F!

So, Autoblog fans, what say you? Will a Mustang be able to save the ass of Michael Knight's son just as well as a Firebird? Will the next special edition Mustang have oscillating LEDs in the grille like Jalopnik's chop? Is this in fact, as Jalopnik commenter Novaload says, where "Mustang AND Knight Rider jump the shark together!"?

[Source: Jalopnik, photo from Jay Ohrberg's Hollywood Cars]

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