Knight Rider cast picked, script transforms

Our friends over at Cinematical are reporting that the upcoming Knight Rider TV pilot will star soap opera stud Justin Bruening as Michael Knight's son. So far as we can tell, the script remains the same as we had heard a few weeks ago, and Steve Shill remains the director. Still no definite word if David Hasselhoff will make an appearance on the show.
The casting of Bruening in the lead role is strangely similar to Hasselhoff's being chosen for the original series. Hasselhoff was also a daytime soap opera star before driving K.I.T.T., and was almost the same age as Bruening (28) at the time.

Should we go just ahead and predict a revival of Baywatch with Bruening as a buff and tan lifeguard, too?

And, oddly enough, there's also a Michael Knight on the All My Children cast. Hmm.

[Source: Cinematical, photo by Evan Agostini/Getty]

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