Huckabee tells us God is green

Apparently, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee hasn't met an energy source he doesn't like. According to a new article in Salon, Huckabee "praises just about every energy source you can think of -- nuclear, "clean coal," wind, solar, hydrogen, biomass, biodiesel, corn-based ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other untapped domestic areas, and, yes, conservation too."
That's a lot of praise from one man. But using all the energy sources in the world doesn't mean we should use them wantonly, Huckabee says. God, Huckabee claims, wants us to stop global warming. Salon's Amanda Griscom Little called up the former Arkansas governor for a little bit more information on why Christian conservatives should be on the lookout for ways to save energy. Huckabee said a lot of things that AutoblogGreen will be interested in, so I recommend reading the whole interview. I'll pull one quote to whet your appetite:

Not only as a Republican, but as a Christian it's important to me to say to my fellow believers, "Look, if anybody ought to be leading on this issue, it ought to be us." We can't justify destroying a planet that doesn't belong to us, and if we believe that God did create this world for our pleasure and wants us to enjoy it, then all the more reason that we should take care of it.

Right. To me, that means things like not drilling in ANWR. But, hey, the Bible can be read in a lot of different ways, right?

[Source: Salon / Amanda Griscom Little]

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