Iacocca: "Plug-in hybrids: that's the wave of the future, not hydrogen."

Bloomberg editors selected as the lede of a story yesterday about former Chrysler head Lee Iacocca the comment that Cerberus is doing the right thing with Chrysler, the AutoblogGreen audience might be more interested in something buried down at the bottom of the article. Iacocca made comments on PHEVs vs. hydrogen that are, for us, more interesting, no? Iacocca clearly took a stand on the future powertrain debate, saying that, "Plug-in hybrids: that's the wave of the future, not hydrogen." Unfortunately, the Bloomberg article doesn't go into any sort of detail about why Iacocca said this, but I think it's safe to say that he was persuaded by author Sherry Boschert's present last year.
Iacocca also stated his belief that the U.S. needs a universal health care system because that would give the domestic carmakers and other companies a boost. Iacocca has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson, who supports such a system.

[Source: Bloomberg / Alan Ohnsman and Peter Cook]

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