In the above video, Hillary explains her shift from voting against ethanol to supporting it in her energy plan. Hillary says she voted against ethanol on behalf of her constituents because subsidizing ethanol in the middle of the country would raise prices in New York. Hillary says she can now support ethanol because there is a broader base for ethanol in New York, which she helped create, making transportation cost no longer a factor. Here is exactly what she said:

The fact is that when we first had an occasion to vote on ethanol back in the early part of my term, I voted on behalf of my constituents. There was very credible evidence, that it would, if all we did was subsidize ethanol in the middle of the country, raise gas prices on both coasts which would have directly driven up the cost in New York and I didn't think that would be a good idea for a senator from New York and what I have been pleased about and I had a role in this, was to create a much broader base for ethanol. We now have ethanol plants in New York and so the idea that you would have only one part of the country and the transportation cost would be quite expensive because of the way ethanol has to be transported, is no longer a factor. So, I happily support corn ethanol, all forms of ethanol, research for cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel.

Hillary continues talking about visits to plants that create biodiesel from things like animal fat which she says is great and she is in favor of before she is cut off. Earlier in the video, Hillary says "environment and energy" provide the perfect platform to bring together problem solving Americans. Political tap dancing or great local representation? Sound off in comments.

[Source: YouTube]

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