Obama: Clinton made a "major reversal" on ethanol

Barack Obama says that now that Hillary Clinton has changed from an anti-ethanol position to one supporting ethanol in her new energy plan, she might switch back under pressure. Here's what he said:

It's hard to believe that she is a strong ethanol supporter given her track record and this is something that represents a major reversal and what we need is consistency on these issues. ... If she's willing to shift this quickly on this issue, we don't know whether she will shift back when it gets hard.

Clinton has defended her record on ethanol, saying "I never was against using ethanol. I never was against the idea that we had to try these alternatives." Obama still thinks she could have done more. Again, Mr. Obama:

These are a lot of votes and over a lengthy period of time. ... If she were committed to alternative energy, there certainly would have been opportunities for her to amend the legislation or alter it in ways that would address any concerns that she had.

Tell us what you think. Could Hillary have shown more support for things like forcing cars to be flex fuel or adding ethanol pumps at gas stations? Do you think Hillary's support for ethanol after the election will be lukewarm? Do you think Hillary is right for not showing too much support for ethanol?

[Source: Des Moines Register]

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