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Spy Shots
President Trump's new limo spotted testing at high speed

It's only a Cadillac on the outside.

The Beast 2.0 is a Cadillac in name only.

Trump's old Ferrari F430 sells for $270,000

It fails to make its reserve price but sells after the gavel.

The art of the post-auction deal.

Spy Shots
Spy photos show Trump's new Cadillac-badged rolling fortress

It may look like a car, but The Beast is as big as a Chevrolet Suburban.

The limo is being developed at a secret proving ground.

President Trump might get to start his administration in a new Cadillac limo [UPDATE]

This ain't your daddy's Caddy.

A new version of The Beast is on the way, and it might make it in time for inauguration day.

This is why you always talk to your Uber driver

Holy crap, it's the "You've got mail" voice!

You've got a ride.

Spy Shots
The Beast 2.0: What the 2016 presidential election winner will ride in

Either Trump or Clinton will get very familiar with this limo.

Which candidate will be in the back seat?

​The UAW likely to back Clinton, not Trump, for President

Moving factory jobs to low-wage states is a deal-breaker for the union.

It's not an endorsement of Clinton, but it is a vote of no confidence for Trump.

Mitsubishi president resigns in wake of fuel economy scandal

Two of the top executives at Mitsubishi are stepping down as the company is shaken by the scandal surrounding its fuel-economy figures. However the chairman and CEO is keeping his seat – at least until Nissan can replace him.

Drone flights will be banned during Obama's visit to London

No drone flights will be permitted below 2,500 feet while President Obama is visiting.

JFK license plates sell for $100,000 at auction

An auction house in Dallas has sold the original license plates that marked President John F. Kennedy's limousine the day he was assassinated. An unidentified buyer won with a high bid of $100,000.

Trump wants more auto manufacturing in US, but at lower wages?

Donald Trump is set on growing auto manufacturing in the United States, but his plan also hinges on lower wages for workers.

Osamu Suzuki names son Toshihiro president and COO

Toshihiro Suzuki, currently an executive vice president of his family's company, has been named its president and chief operating officer. His father remains chairman and CEO.

Honda replaces CEO Takanobu Ito with Takahiro Hachigo

The time has come for a changing of the guard at Honda, as current president & CEO Takanobu Ito prepares to step down and cede control to Takahiro Hachigo, a veteran R&D engineer with more global experience.

Pete Grady retiring from Chrysler, Maserati

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is about to lose one of its top executives as the president of Maserati North America, Pete Grady, has announced his retirement.

Former Ford CEO Mulally won't run for president

Alan Mulally will not be following his successful term as president and CEO of Ford Motor Company with a run at an even bigger presidency. Rumors that the 68-year-old former Boeing exec would make a run at the White House sprouted after his apparent dodging of a reporter's questions about a potential candidacy during a forum in Indianapolis.

Infiniti names former BMW man Kruger to fill de Nysschen role

Today is turning into a big one for senior leadership changes in the automotive industry. Hot on the heels of Ferrari announcing the replacement of its chairman, Infiniti has announced the appointment of its new chief executive in Roland Krüger.

Tesla's Musk says Obama win means good things for plug-in vehicles

That gift horse? Elon Musk ain't looking it in the mouth.

Bailout and gas prices hot buttons in Presidential debate

The pros and cons of the auto bailout and concerns about the rising price of gasoline have been a political football throughout this election season. So, it should come as no surprise that the auto industry was brought up more than a few times in last night's heated presidential debate.

Former Ford chairman, CEO Red Poling dead at 86

The Ford Motor Company and the automotive industry as a whole are mourning the loss today of Harold "Red" Poling, who passed away on May 12 in Pacific Grove, California, at the age of 86.

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