Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition... this has got to stop

We've covered all manner of Ferrari products that have little to nothing to do with the firm's actual road cars or even its championship-winning formula racing program. These include laptop computers, PDAs, stereo systems, cell phones... you name it. Those are just the electronics, and just a few of them at that. But this... this is just too much. Ferrari, in its unquenchable thirst for more licensing opportunities, has teamed up with Segway to offer this special-edition scarlet scooter.

Okay, we'll concede that Ferrari employees actually use Segways to get around the ever-growing factory in Maranello, and heaven forbid they should use anything that isn't emblazoned with the Prancing Horse emblem. So while they were at it, the two companies at polar opposite ends of the wheeled transportation spectrum evidently decided to offer these Italian hybrids to the public.

And so the Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition was born, complete with Rosso paintwork and leather handlebars. Otherwise it's completely stock, so don't expect to be out-running anything with, you know... an actual engine, or other Segways for that matter. Like the standard Segway, it's designed to fit into the trunk of a car (maybe of a Scaglietti) and turns as instinctively as Kimi Raikkonen on the apex at this past weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix.

Don't think this makes the geek's alternative to walking actually cool or anything, and it's no faster in any way than an ordinary Segway. But if you're filthy rich and you've wisely invested your wealth in a massive collection of Ferraris old and new, it may (and we'll stress may) make for a nice way to get around the garage. (We'll walk, thanks.)

Thanks to James for the tip.

[Source: Sybarites]

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