Ferrari product push continues with Meridian F80 home entertainment center

For many, owning a Ferrari is the pinnacle of life. From the exotic lines to the prodigious power, Ferrari is at the very top of the automotive food chain. But alas, exclusivity has a price. The only thing that may cost more than a new Ferrari is perhaps a used Ferrari.

Knowing that demand for their products is unquenchable, the folks over at Ferrari have decided to slap a Ferrari logo on everything from laptop computers to cell phones and everything in between. Ferrari world is on its way for the automotive kid in all of us. Travelers will one day even be able to shack up at the Ferrari hotel.

Now all we need is a Ferrari-logo'd home entertainment system. Lucky for us Meridian and Ferrari have just announced one. The F80 is the do-everything entertainment device that packs DAB/AM/FM tuning and a CD/DVD player into one super-sized snow globe shape that comes in classic Ferrari Red, Yellow, White or Silver. It can pump 80 watts of power into any enthusiast's living room or garage while providing the manly style that is all Ferrari.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but we'll bet on expensive and in time for Father's Day. Hey, if you can't afford a Ferrari and you aren't allowed to live in Maranello village, you might as well get some Ferrari love in your entertainment center.

[Source: Engadget]

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