Lexus returns the favor to Audi in new ads

Oh, what fun, a luxury sport sedan advertising smackdown. Lexus has returned a volley after Audi made a shot across their bow with a TV spot swiping at Lexus and implying that a self-parking car is for non-driving drivers. Like that kid in class who never knew quite how to shoot back a response, Lexus has produced a couple of spots that are almost, almost badass. The spots, titled "Etiquette" and "Doughnut" juxtapose imagery of the GS 460 partaking in power oversteer antics to a soundtrack of operatic aria. That's cool, the Lexus 4.6 liter V8 does have a muscular snarl, and the GS can at least keep up with the pack. What's uncool is the snooty tagline, admonishing "just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should." Yeah, nannying is such a come-on to purchase. The tagline for "Doughnut" is even worse - "Yes, you can. And no, you shouldn't." Doesn't that just makes the "screw you" center in your brain light up? To create spots with badass imagery and hooligan undertones, only to soft-pedal the tagline and shroud it all in some sort of veil of "that's beneath us" does not sound the klaxon for enthusiasts. The car itself looks to be fun, if they've managed to put some discipline into the suspension, a real manual transmission, and dial back the electronic joy-killers.

[Source: Brandweek]

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