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Chrysler to build 500,000 flex fuel vehicles for 2008 model year

Chrysler is expanding the availability of flex-fuel vehicles during the 2008 model year and expects to build about 500,000 of them in total this year. Among the vehicles that are capable of running on E85 are the 3.3L-equipped minivans, 4.7L V-8 trucks and SUVs and the 2.7L V-6 Avenger and Sebring. As with other manufacturers, Chrysler is equipping their E85 vehicles with yellow fuel filler caps. With 1,100 E85 filling stations in operation now, the biofuel is becoming more available but the price difference from gasoline is typically does not make up for the 15-20 percent reduction in fuel economy. Note, though, that we recently had a flex-fuel Dodge Avenger in the AutoblogGreen Garage that actually performed better on E85 than gasoline.

[Source: Dodge]

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