UPS fleet adds 300+ CNG and propane trucks

While 306 out of 95,000 (or so) is not a large percentage, that's the number of new CNG of propane or compressed natural gas trucks that UPS has added to its fleet of 95,000 ground trucks. All told, UPS operates 1,629 alternative-fuel vehicles around the globe, including hydraulic hybrid and hybrid-electric brown delivery trucks.
Orders for the new CNG (167) and propane (139) trucks have been placed, UPS announced today, and the trucks are destined for use in North America. The benefits include lower emissions (20 percent) and improved fuel economy (10 percent) compared to "the cleanest diesel engines available in the market today," according to the UPS release.

Biodiesel is also part of UPS' plans, with the biofuel being used at the UPS Worldport air hub in Louisville and 366 ground support vehicles scheduled to use B5 starting in early 2008. 300 here, 300 there, pretty soon you've really got something.

[Source: Money CNN]

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