Tokyo's stillborn supercar battle

Winding Road
's Japan correspondent, Peter Nunn, has dashed any hopes of the Tokyo Motor Show bubbling over with Nipponese supercars. Sure, we'll get to see the rebirth of Godzilla in the form of the R35 GT-R, plus the unveilings of the new Evo X and STI certainly aren't going to suck. But the knockdown, drag-out brawl between Japan's Big Three (Honda, Nissan and Toyota) is going to be distinctly one-sided.

Initial speculation was that Lexus might be showing off a production version of its LF-A supercar, but the lull in spy shots, partnered with no form of official notification from Toyota leads Nunn to believe that unless there's a last minute surprise on press day, the LF-A will be kept under wraps until sometime next year.

As for Acura, the lukewarm (okay, downright frigid) reception the Advanced Sports Car Concept got in Detroit lead many to speculate that after the prototype was sent back to the LA studio's drawing board, it might make a triumphant return in Tokyo. As it turns out, the combination of internal design haggling and the delay of Acura's launch in Japan means that there's no podium for the new AWD, V10-powered rocket to reside.

Despite all that, we're perfectly content with the GT-R stealing the show. After this long of a wait, it'll deserve every bit of attention it gets.

[Source: Winding Road]

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