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Polaris MV800 ATV with Patriot engine uses multiple fuels

We've featured Orbital Corporation and their unique engine technologies before. It turns out that one of those technologies allows a four-stroke engine to run on multiple different fuels. Polaris, the manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATV's and Victory motorcycles is using this technology in their Patriot engine. This engine is designed to use military-grade JP8 fuel, but is also capable of running on regular diesel or even gasoline. The technology in use is reportedly similar to HCCI, but is apparently somewhat different. The fuel is directly injected into the combustion chamber along with a low-pressure stream of air. Orbital is calling the system air assisted direct injection. Orbital claims that an engine using their technology can reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent while still achieving Euro III emissions standards.

The Patriot engine is available in Polaris' MV800 ATV, which was developed for the military. The engine is 760ccs and produces 40 horsepower. Take a look at the press release after the break.


[Source: Polaris via The Kneeslider]

MV800 4X4 ATV Features New Engine Powered by Military JP8 Fuel

MINNEAPOLIS (September 26, 2007) - Polaris Industries Inc. today announced the Company has completed first production and received orders from the U.S. Department of Defense for its newest military vehicle, the MV800 4X4 ATV. The MV800 is Polaris' first military machine to feature the Patriot Engine™ with Electronic Direct Fuel Injection, The 760cc, 40hp spark ignition engine is powered by JP8, the U.S. military's standard fuel.

The new engine, developed in partnership with Australian based Orbital Corporation, provides the new MV800 ATV with a patented, unique technology that allows the engine to significantly surpass traditional, diesel compression engines in this size with almost twice the horsepower. This produces an overall vehicle performance that is the same or similar to the Company's gasoline-powered family of Ultra-light Tactical Vehicles for the military. In addition to running on JP8, the Patriot Engine™ can operate on emergency fuels including gasoline, JP5 and highway diesel.

"The JP8 powered MV800 and its Patriot Engine™ are major steps for Polaris as we continue to strive to produce cutting-edge products that meet requirements defined by those serving to protect our country" said Mark McCormick, managing director, Polaris Defense. "Our Warfighters are operating in some of the world's harshest conditions. We are committed to providing them with vehicles that can make their job easier and increase their mission effectiveness. The MV800 is built to do just that."

The MV800 follows in the footsteps of the MV700, the lead model in the Polaris Defense family of gasoline-powered tactical vehicles. Polaris Defense has been successfully providing a family of vehicles to the U.S. Armed Forces since 2001. Established to provide vehicles, spare parts and training to the military, Polaris Defense is dedicated to supporting its customers with a total capability for the demanding needs they have in all environments worldwide.

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