Take a look at Audi's current green efforts

We'll relay the information in this article on Auto 123 in the ever-popular backwards-first method of news reporting. That article ends this way: "Further down the road, as oil reserves become exhausted, bigger and better solutions will be needed." While that may seem obvious, another point worth pondering is this: why wait until then?

In an effort to stave off the impending exhaustion of our oil reserves, Audi is testing and marketing a few alternatives to the gasoline engine. While still relying on some fossil fuels for power, the E85-capable A5 coupe (the red one above) uses far less crude oil than the standard 2.0 four-cylinder would. Of course, ethanol raises other environmental issues which we'll save for other posts. Audi also has A5 models powered by CNG. Then there are the obligatory hybrid models that will be made available by Audi shortly in the form of the Q7 and its 3.6-liter V6 coupled to an electric motor. Of course, Audi is rightly proud of their class and Le Mans leading diesel technology. Although dealyed, these vehicles are likely to be sold in the U.S. in addition to Europe.

Lastly, in the "one of these things is not like the other" category, Audi is showing off some alternatives to the... uh, alternatives mentioned above: monitoring driving habits. The writers at Auto 123 were not so sure that this technology would be accepted in the marketplace, and they may be right. But, we are sure that there are a certain number of drivers who would welcome a little training on how to eke the most miles from a gallon of fuel as possible. Bring it on, Audi!

[Source: Auto 123]

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