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BMW negotiates Daimler alliance, buys out car-service partner Sixt

German automakers could join forces against Uber and Lyft.

BMW aims to have 100 million customers for "premium mobility services" by 2025.

Couple say Daimler rented, then disassembled, their Tesla Model X

Mercedes parent reportedly subjected the electric SUV to extreme testing.

The Mercedes parent reportedly subjected the electric SUV to extreme testing and completely dissembled it.

BMW, Sixt carsharing making money most places

The DriveNow carsharing service, which is a partnership between BMW and Sixt, is growing quite rapidly. "We've been surprised about the explosion of new subscriptions, which has helped boost revenue," says Sixt CEO Erich Sixt. The number of DriveNow users has increased from 215,000 at

Classic Mercedes 300SL Gullwing comes to troubling end at Mille Miglia

The Mille Miglia was once one of Europe's premiere sports car racing events, but eventually it got too dangerous and was canceled. Decades later, the race was converted into a historic rally without as much real motorsport competition, and it's now an event which lets wealthy owners stretch the legs of their classics in the Italian countryside.

BMW's DriveNow carsharing arm now turning a profit

Carsharing venture DriveNow GmbH, owned by BMW and European rental company Sixt AG, is expected to be profitable this year, the first time that will happen since starting up two years ago. BMW hopes to overtake German rival Daimler (with Car2go) in this growing space as urban consumers become more interested in transportation alternatives like carsharing.

Sixt begins renting electric Fiat 500 and Fiorino in Essen, Germany

European car rental agency Sixt has begun renting electric vehicles on a limited basis in Germany. Electric versions of the Fiat 500 and Micro-Vett Fiorino van are now available at outlets in Essen in northwestern Germany. The 500 has an 8 kilowatt-hour batter which is claimed to give it an 87-mile range (doubtful). The Fiorino is claimed to have a 100-mile range from a similar battery.

Sixt now rents natural gas powered cars in Germany

So you decided to spend a vacation in Germany. Sehr gut! Now you can rent a car with an (relatively) alternative fuel: Compressed Natural Gas. Rental company Sixt has added 1,000 CNG Volkswagen Tourans EcoFuel to the fleet. The initiative is a collaboration between Sixt, Volkswagen and local industry partnership Initiativkreis Erdgas als Kraftstoff e. V. (IEK = Initiative for Natural Gas as fuel).