Spy Shots: Twin-turbo M5 and M7 prototypes

Will the M5 get a twin-turbo and be joined by an M7? Mr. Lehmann and Co. have caught an M5 and a 7-Series with extra ventage. It's hypothesized that Audi has understated the RS6's pony count, telling the world it's 580 when it's actually 600. And now with both Mercedes and Audi outdoing the M in the horsepower war, the theory is that that's an insult BMW simply cannot allow. Hence the addition of double-barrel blowers to equalize the equation.

As for the possibility of an M7, all there is to see are a large scoop at the front of the hood and two smaller scoops at the rear. With years of AMG S-Classes and Audi S8's behind us, if there is an M7 on the way, all we can say is: it's about time.

[Source: World Can Fans]

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